Are you thinking about launching your online store in Europe? Or do you want to start e-commerce dropshipping but are ambiguous about how dropshipping runs?

These are the questions that arise when someone from Europe thinks about starting its own dropshipping business. Don’t worry this blog clears all the questions you have in mind with facts.

The dropshipping business model is designed in such a way that it allows maximum gains with the least investment that too in the shortest period possible. Especially if you have just stepped into the e-commerce business industry dropshipping is not at all a bad idea to give a start. Especially if you live in Europe then don’t give it a second thought. Let’s explore why dropshipping in Europe is a good idea.


Although the dropshipping model is not new it has gained immense popularity in the European countries in recent years. A study has shown that 88 percent of suppliers in the US think that it is inevitable for them to do dropshipping if they want to establish themselves successfully in the long run. Since China is considered the hub for dropshipping suppliers finding dropshipping suppliers from Europe is not that difficult as well. The reason is that most of the suppliers who have their headquarters in China have established their warehouses in European countries to cater to the needs of emerging e-commerce business owners.


Studies indicate that back in 2014 almost 22-24 percent of business owners in the US used dropshipping for fulfillment. Now in 2022, the trend has increased immensely and now every other business owner is using dropshipping fulfillment in Europe. Dropshipping fulfillment is especially preferred by new entrepreneurs who have just stepped into the field of e-commerce. Today the trend has increased and become advanced so much that it offers business owners a variety of automated facilities and integrations. Business owners can now establish and operate their business by just sitting at their homes and offices and using just laptops through e-commerce platforms.

Dropshipping in Europe is a good idea because of the huge target market which is mostly unaware of the dropshipping business. Quick and easy shipment is another edge that European business owners get. Since most of the suppliers have their warehouses in Europe, and specialty US, replacements can be easy and delivery can be quick.

The E-commerce business market in Europe provides an enabling environment for business owners and customers both. European standards of business ethics are very strict and by all e-commerce business owners. Business owners have to make sure that their products match the European standards of product quality.

Also, drop shipping fulfillment from Europe helps business owners save higher import costs.

Another major benefit that European business owners get is the availability of internationally recognized payment gateways. PayPal and 2 checkout and several other payment gateways are available for European business owners to send and receive payments from across the world.



Europe is a multicultural region where people from all over the world reside. You can have a lot of products and market them to a huge target market. You can have something to sell for everyone. Moreover, European people have high purchasing power and the increasing trend of online shopping among European people makes it easy for business owners to sell and market their products.

Although Europe offers a huge potential for dropshipping business owners yet still the competition is immense... For every single product, you want to sell you have to do a lot of research first to find out about your competitors. People might be selling that product already through online stores. So for product selection thorough research and competitor analysis is a must. Also, you have to make sure that you select the right target audience for marketing your product.


Finding a supplier for your e-commerce business is tricky. You have to look for a supplier that offers quality products in the shortest period making quick delivery possible. Ali Express and a variety of other platforms offer drop shipping fulfillment services in Europe. Such platforms not only offer a variety of suppliers for every single product but also provide a thorough supplier analysis.

From shipping time to logistics quality, total orders of a particular product, and deliveries in the last 7-14 days, also supplier’s reviews by buyers each detail is available for the buyers.

Tesen fulfillment and dropshipping is a global dropship fulfillment service from China that provides all the dropshipping and fulfillment services to e-commerce business owners across the world. The company offers all the services related to dropshipping and fulfillment in European countries. From the selection of a particular product to its storage and delivery Tesen has it all. If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier that offers strict quality control and high-profit products then Tesen is the best choice.


One of the most critical steps in the e-commerce business life cycle is launching your online store. Although many platforms offer you to create and launch your online store such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc yet the selection of the most appropriate platform is critical. Every platform has its pros and cons.

It also depends upon your product and what kind of platform you should choose to launch your store. For example, Etsy has considered the most suitable for selling handmade products, and Shopify is the most popular for dropshipping because it allows easy integration with dropshipping apps and partners like Ali Express. Amazon has innumerable options for dropshipping and fulfillment.

Before selecting the platform for drop shipping you should first conduct a thorough analysis of your product, target market, and of course your budget.


Europe is a land of opportunities and the present era of technological advancements and integrations has provided a highly enabling environment to small and e-commerce business owners. If you have selected a product, contacted a supplier, found your target market, and launched your e-commerce store then this is the perfect time to start your dropshipping business.

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