How to Ship From China to Amazon FBA November 22 , 2021

There are two main shipping methods for Amazon sellers: FBA and FBM.

1. FBA, the abbreviation of Fulfillment by Amazon, means that the seller first sends a batch of goods to Amazon's overseas warehouse. After the buyer places an order, Amazon helps the seller send the goods from the warehouse to the buyer and is responsible for the purchase. Home logistics and after-sales service.

2. FBM, the abbreviation of Fulfillment by Merchant, in other words self-delivery. After the buyer places an order, the seller needs to deliver the goods to the buyer.

When goods are sent to Amazon FBA for storage in China, the recipient company is AMAZON (Amazon) or Fulfillment by Amazon (Fulfillment by Amazon) in the United States: Amazon's delivery service). Because AMAZON (Amazon) is an online e-commerce company, it is not the real final recipient. It will not assist in handling cargo clearance and tax payment. Therefore, Amazon's warehouse inbound business requires a recipient other than Amazon. Customs clearance agents or local receiving companies or individuals, otherwise Amazon's goods may be returned, incurring high costs.

It is specifically reflected in our invoices as follows: AMAZON is SHIP TO, and customs clearance agents or other companies are SOLD TO. Please pay attention to clearly mark SHIP TO to avoid mistakes.

The problems of such shipments are mainly reflected in tax and customs clearance issues. In order to avoid problems with the shipment, the sender must process the shipment in accordance with the following requirements.

1. Before sending the goods, the sender must coordinate with the importer to clear the goods and sign for the goods to ensure that after the goods arrive locally, the customs clearance contact will cooperate with the service provider or customs clearance agent to handle the customs clearance of the goods.

2. The shipping invoice must indicate the company name, address, specific contact person, and contact information (telephone, mobile phone and e-mail) of the real importer (buyer or customs clearance agent).

3. Since AMAZON does not provide any customs clearance and tariff prepayment services, in order to avoid the stagnation of goods due to tariff issues, please confirm the tariff payer before shipping the goods. It is recommended that tariff prepayment or a third party pays the tariff.

4. The sender and the importer should coordinate the receipt of the shipment and confirm whether the goods have arrived at the warehouse in good condition and delivered as soon as possible to avoid missed receipts, wrong receipts, etc. If there is a miscollection or omission, the importer or the recipient’s failure or inability to provide detailed package information and the service provider’s inability to conduct an investigation may result in the shipment’s failure to claim compensation. At that time, the sender will bear all responsibilities and expenses.

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