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For friends who are doing cross-border e-commerce, drop shipping business is a crucial link, because dropshipping is a manifestation of efficiency. If consumers buy your products from the mall, they will look forward to receiving their products as soon as possible. At this time, dropshipping is very important.


How to understand dropshipping?
Maybe many cross-border e-commerce friends are already very familiar with dropshipping, but let’s first talk about the characteristics of dropshipping:
The biggest feature of dropshipping is that when consumers place an order from the mall, the logistics process can be more flexibly controlled over time, as long as your goods are entered into the computer system and transmitted via the real-time Internet, at any time, any place We can absolutely control every aspect of dropshipping.

Then, time allocation in this process is very important. If you want to be successful in the entire dropshiping fulfillment process, the quality control of the product is very, very important. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time on product selection analysis and selection. High-quality products, and comprehensively consider the price, region, sales volume, logistics and other aspects of the product, combined with your analysis and market judgment, and start your personal business.

So, how do we do dropshiping?
In the process of doing cross-border e-commerce, marketing will occupy most of our time. Especially for start-ups or individuals who are just starting e-commerce, there is no preset advertising budget and can only be promoted by free traffic growth. A lot of time is spent on product promotion, so I won't go into details here.
We all know that a lot of work needs to be done before dropshipping. Because it does not require a lot of upfront costs and is less risky, many friends have started to do dropshipping. If you want to be successful, here I share some tips and suggestions to improve efficiency.

1. Do a good job of product selection analysis with the help of tools, which I often use: FineNiche + Google Trends + Aliexpress (Aliexpress)

2. Investigate competitors of competing products, analyze the store design, product layout, event design, traffic source of the competing products (here you can use Ahref for website analysis of the competing products).

3. Looking for reliable suppliers: mainly check that the supplier has been established for more than 3 years, the score and rating are very good, the feedback of the logistics speed is fast, the credibility and reputation are good (mainly on Aliexpress).

4. Try to promote the website in all aspects and multiple angles, basically including Google SEO ranking, website keyword layout, community operation, Q&A drainage, etc., provided that your content and products can really help others.

5. Take some time to think about the products you choose, after a period of promotion, see the effect, remove the products that are difficult to sell, and make adjustments in time.

Cross-border dropshipping is a very difficult and cumbersome process, and all aspects of work need to be done well. In the implementation process, it is necessary to do a solid job in every link. Product selection and promotion are two important links. If you don't know how to do it, you must learn to use tools to learn from peers or competing products.

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