Dropshipping new strategies for product selection October 15 , 2021

Today, we will discuss a question about the selection of Dropshipping.

In fact, I think that the selection method does not matter, Amazon selection, or independent site selection, and there is no so-called dropshipping selection and selection store selection.

In other words, it cannot be said that the selection method of A can only be used on independent sites, but not on Amazon. There has never been such a logic and statement.

I think that if you can sell the product and find the right profit point, it is a good way to select products. This is the only measurement indicator.

Next, through this article, you can learn how to find and sell the current hot products in the store in the correct posture.

01 Definition of explosives

First of all, we need to understand the real demand and interest of the target market for the product.

We cannot get good results by buying toothbrushes just because people brush their teeth every day. What really needs to be considered is the degree of competition in the toothbrush market.

In addition, why do ordinary customers buy from us instead of some shops that he usually buys?

The following content is to provide some tips to help you choose the right product to launch:

First: Don't choose products that are easy to buy

We first need to understand this product. Is this product available on most occasions?

In fact, the correct selection of products should be very special, and at the same time can attract consumers to make impulsive consumption.

Second: No advertising restrictions

We need to understand some of the regulations on the sale of goods online to ensure that our selected products can be sold normally on the Internet.

For example, on Facebook and Google, it is not possible to promote tobacco products, adult content, or masks. In fact, you need to check in advance what measures Facebook and Google have taken to maintain their advertising policies.

So as not to have unnecessary trouble~

Third: Does the product shine?

If you carefully analyze the explosive products on social, you will come to a conclusion: Many explosive products need to bring a new feeling to potential customers.

For example, you can start from the appearance of the product and the material of the advertisement. When the product or advertisement appears in front of users, it is necessary to attract their attention as much as possible!

For example, this portable green cloth is used to change the background when working at home, and the function instantly grabs the user's attention.

Fourth: Explosive products can usually solve customer needs

The problems encountered by customers can be solved from all aspects of life, which can be various problems.

For example, a bag that can solve pets entering public places, or a water cup that can record daily water consumption.

Fifth: The product must be different

It is recommended to choose some unusual products.

For example, the brush for grooming a cat like this in the picture below simulates the tongue of an adult. Don't be afraid, don't worry, this is a real Amazon product, it is even labeled "Amazon’s Choice".

02 How to find explosives

The key to successfully establishing an explosive store is to find products that are popular and profitable.

You can first create a list of popular products, and then consider whether they meet some of the criteria we just mentioned, and select the most suitable ones for placement.

In fact, it is not necessary for the product to satisfy all the mentioned conditions at the same time. Of course, the more the better. But the second point-to be able to sell normally on the Internet must be satisfied!

Method 1: In-depth study of Amazon's hot list

An appropriate analogy is that in the e-commerce world, Amazon is Google.

According to data from eMarketer, Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder)’s empire controls nearly 40% of e-commerce in the United States, so when looking for product trends, it only makes sense to start with this platform.

When looking for products, you can add Amazon Best Sellers as a bookmark, and then you can access them in time. The content inside is updated every hour based on the sales list. So you can rest assured that there are some of the latest sales trends inside.

Method 2: Research various categories

The biggest advantage of Amazon Best Sellers is that it contains almost all product categories.

Suppose your website or store has been dedicated to beauty and personal care, and you are looking for popular items in toiletries. It's very simple:

Find the 100 highest-selling products in this category on the list. The next step is to choose the products you like and find the best supplier for your store.

Let's take a look at the turban used by women after bathing. This is the second best-selling product of its kind, and then perform a quick search on AliExpress.

You can buy a towel for only $0.60!

Back on Amazon, the price of the same towel is almost $10! Imagine, if you sell these towels to people who are visiting your shop, how much money you can get in!

So all that is needed is a good marketing strategy, the price of which is slightly lower than that of Amazon. You can start the journey of making a fortune


The "Trusted Supplier Ranking" function of this new AliExpress tool can rank suppliers based on their time on the platform, reliability and sales. So you can choose better products among them!

Method 3: Check Google Trends for more detailed data

With the help of Google Trends, you can immediately understand which products are popular. This tool can show comparisons between standard search terms and other search terms.

In the past 12 months, it can be clearly seen that the term "hair towel wrap" has a low peak season around the world. In many cases, it even reaches or closes to a value of 100.

What is the significance of Google Trends data?

The value can represent the word or the popularity of the product in the selected area.

When setting up ad campaigns on Google and even Facebook, they use Google Trends data for location targeting.

But remember, Google Trends data is relative, not absolute.

For example, the highest value of "hair towel wrap" in Australia is (100), which represents the proportion of all queries, not the total number of questions. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the population of the selected area.

Method 4: Use paid tools

In fact, you can try to buy some paid tools. For example, Pexgle, this is one of the tools you can use to research your competitors. This tool helps you view and monitor your competitors’ best-performing ads.


You can also use Ad Library on Facebook. You will not see all the data, but you will see which products and competitors are there, and how they are marketed.


There are many ways to see similar data. Let's discuss how to get explosive information from Faceook search in a few simple steps

03 Recommended dropshipping research tools

1 Dropship Spy

Link address: https://dropship-spy.com/

This tool can be used to understand the current explosives and potential products of Facebook / Instagram, including some keyword data can be seen


2 Pexda

Link address: https://pexda.com/

This tool can collect attention data of product advertisements on Facebook, subdivide the population, more precise product positioning, and provide advertising services.


3 NicheScrapper


I particularly like this tool. It is a tool for Product Sourcing. If there are manually selected products, it can help you find some potential hot-selling products.

Moreover, this tool is also a free video production tool — Video Ad Maker

It is a free video production tool, just paste your Shopify product URL, simply select some information, you can generate video ads.


4 Find hot products with promotional videos in Facebook ads

For example, just enter "50% off", "Free shipping" in the Facebook search box, and then click the "Video" tab.

You can view all the latest dropshipping through promotional videos. Based on data, comments and sharing, you can use it in your own shop.

Choose a product based on the engagement of the post. If the post receives comments in the last 5 or 7 days, the product saturation is not high, and this method is indeed very useful.

After studying hundreds of popular models, let's talk about how to choose products?


Regarding the selection of Facebook ads, you may encounter the following problems. I have made a brief summary here.

How to import Facebook products into your store?

Open the video, click the product URL, visit the product page, copy the product title, search in Aliexpress, and import it to your store.

Use fbdown.net (https://www.fbdown.net/) to download videos


Directly find advertising products in Facebook videos through products directly on AliExpress, as shown below:


What if the video has a watermark?

You can enter the product title in Facebook search and go to the "Video" tab. You will see different videos of the same product, open all the videos one by one, and you will also get some videos without watermarks.

Even if you don't get a watermark-free video, you have a successful product. You can use any video editing software to remove the watermark and logo.

Can these videos be used on the Dropshipping website without any infringement of intellectual property rights?

There will be no problems.

Because many Dropshipping Agent have already used this feature in their stores.

Will we offer all the products we found in this video on the Aliexpress website? How do we search?

There is no guarantee that all products can be supplied in Aliexpress. But according to my research, Aliexpress has provided more than 85% of the products.

04 Research competitors

Method 1: Understand the competitor’s advertising

Our goal is to find ads with high engagement rates and positive user reviews. Write down which items are most interesting to you.

Here are some strategies for monitoring competitors’ ads

You can start visiting competitors’ websites regularly, add something to your shopping cart, and then forgo payment.

You will soon see competitors’ ads on social media pages. It is best to record it and save it for later use.

Now, we can snoop on competitors’ ads directly from competitors’ Facebook pages. For example, this is the FB page of my competitor.

By clicking on the "Info and Ads" tab, you can view all the ads they are running.


Method 2: Turbo Ad finder plug-in

Tool connection address: Directly search Turbo Ad finder on Google and Chrome will come out

This extension can help you filter Facebook's messy information flow so that only ads are displayed.

Method 3: Find your competitor through Google search:

Like Facebook search, we can also find our competitors from Google search. Use the search query as myshopify.com.

For example, when using the search term as hiking myshopify.com, you can see enough shopify stores, and you can guarantee that these are all from shopify stores.


Method 4: Always pay attention to competitors’ ads

Paying attention to competitors’ ads is to confirm whether they are running Facebook ads, whether they are driving traffic through ads, and ultimately making profits.

So how to do it?

If you want to know this information, I recommend using Facebook Pixel Helper Extension. (Search on Google just fine)

After you enter the store, click on the extension icon, and you will see such an icon, indicating that they have installed the pixel code of FB, so that you can judge whether the other party’s website is doing/has done FB advertising.


Of course, you have to understand the competitor's advertising, including material, copywriting, there are still many tools, such as adspy, bigspy, and semrush, are all possible, you can use them in combination.


There are thousands of ways to select products, and new selection tools are constantly being introduced.

You must first try different channels, different tools, keep experimenting, and slowly find out the tricks and feelings of the Product Sourcing.

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