9 best plugins for Shopify in 2021 December 02 , 2021

Today, I recommend some easy-to-use shopify plug-ins for pro-testing. You can find them by entering the name in the app store in the shopify background. Before introducing each app, I put pictures to prevent everyone from making mistakes.

Not much to say, let’s share some useful shopify plugins.

Free Shipping Bar-Free Shipping and Free Shipping Banner

88% of customers believe that if there is a free shipping discount, they will be more willing to shop online.

This plug-in can display the free mail information in the top bar of the website, and can customize which pages to appear on and which pages to not appear on.

Such as appearing on all pages and homepages, not appearing on product pages, etc.

When customers add products to the shopping cart, they can directly see how much is missing or the amount of free shipping has been reached. The style and background can also be set by themselves, which can double the favorability of many customers to your website and increase the order conversion rate.


1. Improve shopping cart value and sales: appear at the top of the website to remind customers of free shipping conditions, promote your free shipping discounts through progressive messages, and inspire your customers to increase the value of shopping carts and promote sales.

2. Advanced positioning: According to the content and page, different free shipping offers or discounts are displayed to optimize your income growth.

BEST Currency Converter

If you want to improve the customer's shopping experience, then displaying prices in local currency can save them a lot of unnecessary time and increase the viscosity of customers and the platform.


1. Easily add multiple currencies. You can add more than 160 currencies at the push of a button. Start international sales like a professional and encourage customers to buy.

2. Automatic conversion price The price will be automatically converted according to the seller's customer location. This creates a pleasant and relaxing shopping experience for the seller's customers.

3. Increase sales. By helping sellers’ customers shop in local currency, sellers can reduce customer frustration and cart abandonment, thereby increasing sales.

This plugin has better design, user experience and overall quality.

Currency exchange rates are updated twice a day, and we can choose from 3 different currency converter themes, one is more beautiful than the other.

The app detects the location of the seller’s customer and automatically selects the currency for it.

Customers can also change it manually, and the membership version can be implemented. The seller can hide the currency converter (if the seller wants) and let it run only in the background. The seller's customers will still see the converted price, but not Currency converter.

Ali Reviews-Product Reviews

This review plug-in can import product reviews on AliExpress into our website, and there is no extra charge, 7 days free usage period. After that, you can choose a package of US$9.9, which is enough for the first start.


1. Increase sales: increase sales of reviewed products

2. Improve SEO results: Add SEO-friendly comment scores to the seller’s Google search results

3. Flexible design: The fully customizable design looks great, any theme

4. For the products that buyers have added to the shopping cart, the customer's comments about the products added to the shopping cart will be displayed in the form of pop-up windows to stimulate consumers to place orders quickly and reduce the abandonment rate.

POP! Sales Pop & Social Proof

One disadvantage of being an independent Shopify site is the lack of platform endorsements, so sellers must always emphasize to buyers that their store is trustworthy.

And one of the ways to make others believe you is to constantly let people browsing your store see that someone has bought another item here.

This Shopify plug-in is a tool that helps sellers to display who has bought another product in the form of a pop-up window after configuration.

Sales Pop can prove that you are a real store, and show that someone wants to buy your products, giving consumers the opportunity to see what other people are buying in real time, and allowing customers to join the trend to bring more sales. Higher conversion rate and less trouble.

If you are a new store without a mature brand, buyers may hesitate to buy for the first time and abandon the shopping cart.

Sales Pop initiates your sales by showing new customers that real people are making actual purchases and simplifying the customer's ideas.


1. Completely free

This means that without additional expenditures without increasing costs, Sales Pop will increase your visitor conversion rate.

2. Convert more traffic

Create trust and urgency for your products. Let visitors know that your product needs to establish FOMO and transfer it to customers.

3. Massive templates for you to choose

Use the large number of templates provided to build the look and feel, just like adding styles, colors, and CSS to your brand to complete your look, but without coding.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Regardless of whether customers insist on using a certain brand, loyalty programs will have a huge appeal to customers, customers like to interact with the brand, and the personalized services and rewards that these programs bring.


1. With this plug-in, you can provide a loyalty program on your Shopify store to create more loyal customers and increase sales through repurchase.

2. It allows you to issue points rewards based on creating an account, sharing products on social media, following your brand, etc.

3. These functions are provided for free, but you can upgrade to provide additional rewards for your VIP customers and enjoy a fully customized reward plan.

This plug-in can monitor our store traffic in real time, as well as some problems in the store, and regularly report website SEO performance.

All SEO optimization factors will be continuously checked, including page name, title, meta description, website loading speed, blog structure, content freshness, etc.

Many people used to have Skype, WhatsApp, and fb messenger on their websites, but the shortcomings are obvious. These chat tools require users to install the corresponding software before they can use them. For example, your website uses the Skype contact method, but the visitor’s computer Without this software, this will increase the user's communication cost, and lazy users will directly close the window and leave, which greatly reduces the transaction rate.

And Tidio does not require visitors to install any software at all, and they do not need to be friends to communicate with each other. You can quickly communicate with customer service staff by clicking on the icon on your website.

For users, it is completely zero burden. Tidio has corresponding clients on iPhone, Android, PC and Apple Mac computers. When the website is at work, it can communicate with customers in real time by opening the tidio client on the computer, even if not. In front of the computer, you can also use the APP on the mobile phone to receive messages from customers, which is very convenient, and you will not worry about the embarrassment of people not receiving the information in front of the computer.

In addition to online chat, Tidio can also install online chat bots. Online chat bots can promptly feedback questions that users can ask at any time, increasing and retaining more potential customers for marketing opportunities.

I like Tidio's UI design very much. You can change the colors according to the main color of your website. It can also be used to collect valuable information such as email addresses, companies, etc. of users for future marketing.

Image Optimizer

The capacity of the picture will not only affect the loading speed of the website, but also the browsing experience, which is also very important for the crawling and crawling of search engine spiders! We use two websites to make a comparison, this kind of intuitive feeling will be more obvious.

And more than 26% of searches are conducted through Google Image. This is why you need a Shopify app like SEO Image Optimizer.

This application includes a one-click installation, allowing you to start and run within 30 seconds, it has 2 plans: free plan and professional plan (24.99 US dollars / month).

The free plan includes everything you need to make your pictures optimized for search engines: alt-text optimization, unlimited picture synchronization, and even checking for new pictures every week.

However, with a paid plan, you can get all these features, plus meta tag optimization, target keywords, and redirect URLs, so the website will not have the problem of disconnection.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

I believe everyone has bought something on Taobao Juhuasuan, and should be familiar with the countdown to the end of the sale.

This is actually a marketing tool. Use the countdown to give you a sense of urgency-place your order quickly, or the time will come. After this point, the goods will be out of stock!

Shopify can also do the same effect, that is, use Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0.

It can generate a countdown clock on the product details page, creating a sense of urgency for users.

Tip: Finally, remind everyone: No matter how good the plug-in is, you can't install too many plug-ins. Once there are too many plug-ins, it will affect the loading speed of the website and cause loss of customers.

Just choose the ones you find useful. If there are no plug-ins running, uninstall the ones that have no practical meaning. Installing so many plug-ins will affect the speed of the website.

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