How to choose a dropshipping logistics service provider December 23 , 2021

Shopify dropshipping is a light-operated cross-border e-commerce model. There is no source of goods, no packaging, no need  deal with logistics, just do a good job in website management, good drainage, Sellers with Shopify dropshipping can ensure the normal operation of the entire e-commerce process.

The advantages of shopify dropshipping agent:

1. Small investment

Shopify dropshipping compared  general cross-border e-commerce, the investment is very small. Generally, e-commerce requires at least one team, and the labor cost is quite high, by office equipment, warehouse management equipment, site rent, packaging materials, Cargo pressure funds and so on. With dropshipping, you only need  pay a simple website fee and personal office expenses, and other expenses can be basically saved, and the investment is really small.

2. Low Operating Threshold

Shopify dropshipping has a relatively low operating threshold. The seller's main energy can be devoted  the operation of the website, using some dropshipping plugins  upload new products, optimize the website, invest in paid advertising, and obtain traffic and order volume.

3. A wide range of products choose from

Do shopify dropshipping, you dont need e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay  only do a certain type of goods. You can have a wider range of different types of products, such as maternal and child, ys, furniture, daily necessities, clothing, potted plants, sports products, etc. can do. The wide range of product choices can attract different types of consumers  come  consume, meet consumers' multiple shopping needs, lay out more keywords on Google, and get more traffic.

4. Simple model, great return

Shopify dropshipping is relatively simple, with a very small amount of money, you can get a larger return and take less risk. However,  do shopify dropshipping without source of goods, the choice of logistics service provider is very important, and it determines the quality of this logistics link.

Shopify dropshipping The choice of logistics service providers without source of goods:

1. Service strength

Choose a logistics service provider, it is necessary  examine multiple dimensions of the logistics service provider  ensure that the cooperative logistics service provider is reliable and professional, and can cooperate happily in the future.

First of all, it is the service strength, which can also be undersod as the service strength of the company, based on a judgment of the strength of the companys personnel, facilities, warehousing, sorting, logistics, and service systems. With sufficient personnel, facilities and equipment at night, modern warehousing, aumated logistics sorting systems, abundant logistics channels  meet demand, and modern logistics service systems, such a company has the strength  provide good logistics services.

2. Service professionalism

Professionalism, related  the sales volume and accuracy of handling logistics, has a great impact on the subsequent delivery experience of everyone. For specific inspections, it is necessary  examine the sorting sales volume of operars, the professionalism of business personnel, and the ability of cusmer service personnel  solve logistics emergencies.

3. Reasonable charges

Reasonable charges are very important. If the charges are o low, the quality of service is usually not guaranteed. There may be situations such as the delivery channel and the increase of the weight of the goods. In the end, it is yourself who will be hurt. Excessive fees, higher costs, and product profits will be eroded. At present, the small parcel is 2-3 yuan/order is the uniform price in the market, and everyone compares the Czech Republic according  this requirement.

4. Perfect after-sales

In the event of lost parts, loss, damage, etc., whether there is after-sales service and the efficiency of after-sales service of the company also need  be paid attention . International logistics have long mileage, multiple links, and complex and changeable conditions. The loss rate is much higher than that of domestic logistics. If there is no comprehensive after-sales compensation system, sellers will bear greater losses in the long run.

Based on these four choices, sellers can choose professional and reliable logistics service providers, but there are many freight forwarding companies in the market, how  confirm them one by one? Here, I recommend Tesen Logistics for everyone. Tesen Logistics is a very powerful and reliable comprehensive logistics service provider that provides one-sp warehousing and logistics services. The company has strong strength, professional services, reasonable fees, rich experience, and perfect after-sales services. It is worth choosing!

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