What should I do if the dropshipping time is too long? Is there any way to dispel the worries of customers who have too long shipping time? December 20 , 2021

Many people use Shopify to do the Dropshipping model. If the product is shipped from China, it often takes a relatively long time for the product to be delivered to the customer.

According to statistics, customers place orders at independent stations, and transportation issues are the second largest issue after payment security issues. This shows that customers are worried about shipping time.

Why amazon is so popular now is directly related to its FBA overseas warehouse direct delivery. Who does not want to receive the product within a few days after placing an order, in fact, we can also understand that we buy products, and generally few people are willing to wait Last week or more.

Here is a piece of logistics used for the most commonly used delivery for dropshipping: Epicket, you can see that the delivery to the United States is actually the fastest, and it can usually be delivered within 7-14 days.

But some other countries are not very ideal. Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are relatively fast, but they all take 15-25 days.

Epacket shipping schedule

So what should I do if the shipping time of Dropshipping is too long? What can we do to let customers dispel the worry of too long shipping time?

First: It's actually very simple. It's honest. We need to add a Shipping page to the website, and then write down the shipping time in detail. We need to clearly write the approximate shipping time range on the shipping page so that customers who really like the product will choose to wait patiently.

Of course, we also need to write clearly the shipping time in the product description, because many customers don't pay attention to the shipping page.

Second: Use Dropshipping Agent warehousing and delivery services to improve delivery efficiency

Warehousing and delivery is a customized logistics service launched by Dropshipping Fulfillment logistics service providers for the Dropshipping model, in order to help Dropshipping sellers solve the problem of logistics and transportation time.

Dropshipping sellers use the warehousing agency provided by Dropshipping logistics service providers to deliver goods, goods receiving, inspection, sorting, packaging, order posting, logistics, customs clearance and other delivery and logistics issues. Dropshipping logistics service providers are responsible for delivery. And Dropshipping sellers only need to place an order in the Dropshipping logistics service provider system in advance before they need to ship, and they can easily deliver the first time.

Relying on the advantages of geographical location and their sorting efficiency, Dropshipping logistics service providers can greatly shorten the delivery time of Dropshipping sellers and improve delivery efficiency. And there are multiple logistics lines to choose from, not just epacket.

Especially during the Covid-19 period, it is not recommended to use epacket service. There is no guarantee that the timeliness will bring bad logistics experience to your customers.

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