How to establish a successful E-commerce business by dropshipping and fulfillment from China July 21 , 2022


Dropshipping from China seems an exciting opportunity for e-commerce business start-ups. Yet with big opportunities come even bigger challenges. Sourcing best quality products, packaging, and most importantly inventory storage and fulfillment are tricky to handle especially when you are a beginner. Although it seems that one can run a successful e-commerce business by just using a laptop at home yet this is not the case. You need reliable and trustworthy suppliers and partners.

In this blog, we shall explain China's fulfillment services and the role of dropshipping and fulfillment agents in detail.


Dropshipping and fulfillment are most of the time confused to be almost similar and mostly referred to together as drop shipping fulfillment. The reality is that both dropshipping and fulfillment are completely different from each other.

Dropshipping is actually a business model. Dropshipping is a business model for e-commerce business owners who

  • Have limited capital
  • Want to test a variety of products and select the best-selling among these
  • Do not own an inventory storage system
  • Do not own inventory of the products in fact they directly order the suppliers to ship products to customers once they receive orders.

Fulfillment on the other hand is the complete process where fulfillment companies provide drop shipping fulfillment services to e-commerce business owners. Companies which provide dropshipping fulfillment services to e-commerce business owners actually own the inventory and have proper warehouses. Such companies have full control over the supply chain system and thus provide the whole service from product storage to shipping and packaging, Many dropshipping business owners outsource the fulfillment process to dropshipping fulfillment companies.


China to be known as the economic powerhouse of Asia has gained the status of the hub for e-commerce businesses. Dropshipping from China is considered to be an important business opportunity for emerging business owners across the world. Moreover, the prevalence and popularity of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, and Amazon have also emphasized the importance of China fulfillment services and dropshipping from China.

All the suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers who manufacture and then supply hundreds of products across the world are situated in China. Digitalization has made it possible for business owners to contact these manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to order the products in demand and get them delivered to their customers anywhere in the world.

From product manufacturing to packaging, inventory storage to shipping anywhere in the world, all services are available in China thus making it the center for dropshipping business and fulfillment services.


A drop shipping fulfillment agent acts as a bridge between e-commerce business owners and suppliers. Business owners request the drop shipping fulfillment agent to source a particular product for them. The dropshipping fulfillment agents find business owners the best suppliers. Not only product sourcing but drop shipping fulfillment agents takes full responsibility for the supply chain.

Dropshipping fulfillment agents get the products from suppliers that offer the best rates and then ship them to the customers on behalf of the business or brand. They make sure that the product delivered is of perfect quality through quality checks. They also provide product packaging facilities for both white label and branded businesses.

The biggest advantage of working through dropshipping fulfillment agents is that they have an inventory storage system through warehouse facilities. They usually store the products in warehouses that are ordered by business owners hence when they receive orders they make sure that the products are delivered to customers in the shortest time period possible.


When starting your own e-commerce business either through Amazon FBA or dropshipping the real challenge is to find a reliable fulfillment partner or drop shipping fulfillment agent.

Tesen fulfillment and dropshipping bring an end to this search through its exemplary services related to all areas of the e-commerce business.

From purchasing to packaging and inventory storage Tesen has it all. Most of all Tesen provides worldwide fulfillment services along with customer care.

If you want Tesen to work with you as a drop shipping fulfillment agent then your business is surely taken care of. The expert team at Tesen assists you in all important tasks. First of all, Tesen will help you source the product from the best available suppliers and make sure that the product is going through strict quality control so that customers get the best available product in the market. Next in the case of bulk orders, Tesen provides inventory storage services where products are kept safe in private warehouses. Afterward, the products are shipped through the safest and fastest shipping methods to customers. It does not end here, in case of returns and complaints Tesen takes customer feedback seriously and also provides exchanges and refunds.

When Tesen provides services as a fulfillment agent there is no one better than Tesen in the market. The competitive edge of Tesen is that it has automated systems and processes for order fulfillment in case of bulk orders for both dropshipping and Amazon FBA. Moreover, the company provides customized private labeling and packaging services to e-commerce businesses as well. It is made sure that both packaging and labeling of products are done according to the standards of Amazon FBA.

Dropshipping from China is no doubt challenging and tricky but with drop shipping fulfillment partners such as Tesen who take care of each and every step from the beginning to the end very professionally it longer remains a myth.


Dropshipping and fulfillment although quite different from each other yet are intertwined together as well. For beginners who have not yet found a profitable product or niche, it is better to first gain a deeper understanding of the whole process before making an investment. Thus for a successful e-commerce business, it is better to partner with an experienced drop shipping fulfillment partner such as Tesen who might assist you in all processes and help you make your business profitable.

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