Most Common Freight Forwarding Services In E-Commerce Dropshipping And Fulfillment July 14 , 2022


Although seems quite easy but running a successful e-commerce business is not a piece of cake. There is a lot of research that needs to be done beforehand. Freight forwarding for fulfillment is a very challenging part6 and has to be given due attention. Let's have a look at the whole process of freight forwarding and the options available.


In simple words, the coordination and shipment of goods from one place to another is called freight forwarding. Freight forwarding uses different media for transportation of goods such as air, marine, and land. It depends upon the size of goods and the availability of time to deliver the goods to select which mode of freight forwarding will be suitable. Freight forwarding around the world is monitored by many compliance and regulatory standards. There are specific regulatory bodies to administer freight forwarding of goods thus making the process safer.

To select and use a freight shipping service e-commerce business owners need to request a freight shipping quote. Business owners can request a freight shipping quote either through the company’s online website, through a freight broker, or by directly requesting the freight company. Either for dropshipping fulfillment or Amazon FBA, freight forwarding is necessary for bulk orders.


Let’s have a look at the different types of freight forwarding options available. Each type has its pros and cons and requirements for goods.


Air freight forwarding is best recommended when faster delivery of goods is a priority and not the cost of delivery of goods. Air freight forwarding involves the organization and planning of transportation of goods from one place to another by air. Although quite heavy on pocket air freight forwarding is the most efficient, fastest, and most reliable medium of transportation of goods.

The only limitations are the chance of late delivery because of flight cancellations and the limit on the product quantity. It is because Cargo planes are only allowed to carry a limited number of goods with some weight limitations as well. However if you want to deliver the goods in the shortest period then air freight forwarding is the best option. In air freight forwarding the airline or cargo plane that carries the goods is considered to be simply an indirect carrier.

There are also some well of air freight forwarders who manage and implement the whole process of freight forwarding through their personally owned planes. DHL is the most popular and top air freight forwarder right now in the world.


A freight forwarding system that uses cargo ships to transport goods from one place to another by sea is called sea freight forwarding. For sea freight, forwarding business owners need the freight forwarding service. A sea freight forwarder is someone who knows everything about the sea freight forwarding process. A sea freight forwarder knows which goods can be shipped through the sea, what paperwork will be required to ship them, and the accurate procedure to ship the goods through cargo.

As a business owner if you have found a reliable sea freight forwarder, then you are relieved because he knows how to deal with issues if something goes wrong in the process. A good sea freight forwarder makes sure that goods reach safely their destination.

Sea freight forwarding is however very time-consuming as it might take, days, weeks, or months for the goods to reach the destination. However, it is preferred for high weight and volume of goods.


Road freight forwarding is the most efficient, effective, and controlled medium of transportation of goods. Road freight forwarding allows full control over the logistics process. It involves transportation through carriage trucks and containers by road. Road freight forwarding is also the most commonly used and least expensive mode of goods transportation in bulk.

Road freight forwarders are the people who make arrangements for the entire freight forwarding process by road for business owners, manufacturers, and suppliers. A Road freight forwarder acts as a medium between the freight forwarding company and the supplier or manufacturer. Road freight forwarding is most suitable for freight forwarding when goods have to be transported to warehouses or customers within the same country or across the border by road. It simply involves loading and unloading to the destination thus provisioning minimum damage to goods.


Transportation of goods through rail networks within or across countries is called rail freight forwarding. For business owners who are looking for uninterrupted transportation of goods, rail freight forwarding is the most suitable option. The only limitation is the limited amount of space. Otherwise, it is both fast and budget-friendly.


Customs broker is the shipment of goods through an individual or a firm within the same country or across the borders. Custom brokers make sure that the whole shipping process is carried out smoothly. Custom brokers have all the information that is required to transport goods through different channels and across borders. Whether it is foreign trade laws, tax regulations, or necessary documentation everything is in the knowledge of custom brokers.

The basic function of customs brokers is to make sure that the whole shipping process is less time-consuming and smoother.


The most important part in freight forwarding during drop shipping fulfillment or Amazon FBA is which freight wording medium to choose among all those mentioned before.

Cost is the most important factor here. If the business is new and delivery time can be extended then it is better not to use air freight forwarding. Most importantly if the delivery is within the same country that rail or land freight forwarding is best to choose.

If the business is making enough profit cost is not an important factor to consider, instead fastest delivery is to be assured and air freight forwarding is the best option to choose. However, bulk delivery air transport requires a lot of documentation and legal processes for which you need to hire a broker. Also, it is expensive.

Uncertain situations can no doubt happen anytime with any option you choose. Flights can be delated, and accidents can happen, however, it is always better to do your research and homework and make the best choice.


Every freight forwarding option has its pros and cons, so business owners should choose the option that suits best their budget and delivery time given to customers Volume and magnitude of goods is also important factor to consider when selecting the freight forwarding medium.

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