How to register a UK VAT tax number step by step December 07 , 2021

British Amazon needs to submit VAT within 60 days, otherwise the product will be removed from the shelves.

UK VAT online registration process:

1.Open the official website of the British government, and click "Money and Tax"

2.Click "VAT" on the next page

3.Find and click "VAT Registration" in the list on the right

4.Click "How to Register" on the new page

5.Click "Register Online"

6.Click "Create sign in details"

7.Fill in your email address on the next page, and then click "Continue" (Outlook or Google is recommended)

8.Go to the email address in the previous step to find the verification code, enter it and click "Confirm"

9.Click "Continue" (the system says our email has been verified)

10.Set a password (more than 10 digits/uppercase and lowercase letters + numbers + symbols), then click "Continue"

11.Click the green "Continue" again

12.Set a recovery password and click "Continue"

13.After you receive your login ID, write it down and click "Conitnue"

14.Select "Organization" for company registration, then click "Continue"

15.Click Continue

16.Select "Sole Trader" for personal company, "Partnership" for partnership company, and then click "Continue"

17.Select "NO" for e-commerce, and then click "Continue

18.Select NO on this page because we will sell in the UK within the next 12 months, and then click "Continue"

19.Select NO and click "Continue"

20.Click on the content in the red circle

21.Check "VAT", and then click "Next" (Finally enter the theme!)

22.Select "Corporate Body" for company registration, "Sole Proprietor" for individual registration, and then click "Next"

23.Select "Making or intending to make taxable supplies", then click "Next"

24.Click "Next" in the lower right corner

25.Click "Next" at the bottom right

26.First Name, Last Name, fill in your name Have u ever changed your name is to ask if you have ever used your name, write "NO" if you have it Date of Birth is the birthday, the format is day/month/year, such as 01/02/1940 on February 1, 1940 Click Next

27.Check "I do not have a National Insurance number", Enter the tax identification number in the Tax identification number line. Leave the last column blank, and click "Next

28.Continue to click "Next" at the bottom right

29.Click on the content in the red circle

30.Enter your residential address and click "Next

31.Have you lived at this address for less than 3 years? Select "Yes" for less than 3 years, select "NO" for more than 3 years, and then click "Next"

32.Fill in the contact email and click "Next"

33.After confirming that the information is correct, click "Next"

34.Fill in the company name, company registration country, and registration date (format day/month/year), and then click "Next"

35.Ask if the company address is the address of step 31, or just choose No, then write the company address, and then click "Next"

36.Select both "NO", and then click "Next"

37.The person responsible for taxation selects the company, and then clicks "Next"

38.The place of "111111" is to write the company phone number, and fill in the company email in "", and then click "Next"

39.After making sure that the information is correct, click "Next" at the bottom right

40.Because we are a new sales entity, the first two choose "NO" As for the third item, if VAT will be generated in the next 30 days, select Yes, select No, you need to give the exact time (within 90 days), and then click "Next"

41.In the big red circle, enter the expected business hours of the company in the UK (within 90 days of the registration date), and then click "Next"

42.The big red circle writes about what the company does, and then click "Next"

43.Search for your own industry in the red circle, then select the composite business item, click "Add Activity", and then click "Next"

44.Proofread, if there is no problem, continue to click "Next"

45.Ask if there are any other business activities. If yes, select "Yes" in the red circle and add business activities. If not, select "NO", and then click "Next".

46.Fill in the expected sales data truthfully

47.After choosing EORI, you can declare import VAT, and later you can import VAT to deduct the sale of VAT.

48.Note here that the date needs to be after the date filled in the red circle in step 42 (because the business was only registered at that time), and then click on other red lines/circles to enter the next step

49.After selecting the plan, click "Next" *The annual plan date is for accounting audit/tax filing purposes, *Payment method optional Confirm the information, after confirming, drag to the bottom of the page, click "Next"

50.Continue to click "Next",

51.The information is about to be uploaded next, click "Next" after uploading Upload your passport/driver’s license/ID in the red “1” place. Choose one of the three red “2” and “3”. Upload the birth certificate/rental contract/mortgage certificate. Choose two of the three (Marriage certificate is also possible) *Upload within 28 days, otherwise you need

52.You will receive the confirmation page, and the mailbox will also receive a confirmation email

53.Waiting to receive the VAT number

For specific steps, please see the attachment.

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