Shopify website building, everything you need to know! Jun 24, 2021

Today, I want to give you a detailed introduction to the features of shopify, and I hope you can understand shopify better.

What is shopify? How does it work?

Shopify has been running as early as 2006 and is headquartered in Canada. Their goal is simple: to provide a simpler operating platform for cross-border e-commerce.

The current shopify account users exceed 100W. But you have to know that shopify is not a free platform, so so many users choose it, it is enough to explain shopify's position in the major e-commerce platforms.

Shopify is a one-stop e-commerce system that provides basic construction and management services for e-commerce websites, so you don't have to worry about all technical problems. After you are familiar with the basic operations, you only need to focus on your core business-how to promote and get orders.

Shopify's charging method

For users who have just registered, there is a 14-day trial period. After the trial period, if you want to continue to open a store, you must pay to continue. Shopify charges a certain service fee on a monthly basis, and there are 3 different plans to choose from.

Basic Shopify plan

Shopify plan

Advanced Shopify plan







2.9% + 30¢

2.6% + 30¢

2.4% + 30¢

移动端Shopify POS信用卡

2.7% + 0¢

2.5% + 0¢

2.4% + 0¢


使用Shopify Payment




































The table above seems a bit abstract. Let me give you an example:

If you use Paypal's Express Checkout to collect payments, the total fee calculation formula is:

Transaction Fee 2% + Paypal rate (4.4% + 0.3) + withdrawal fee 1.2% or 35 USD

For a product with a sales price of US$100, the overall collection fee is

100*2%+(100*4.4%+0.3)*(1-1.2%)=6.65 USD.

If you get 100 dollars, only close to 93 dollars! (Remember that Shopify’s monthly rent and monthly plug-in fees are not included here)

Let's interpret the role of shop opening fees on shopify:

Monthly rental fee: It is the basic cost used to maintain the operation of the website, which is equivalent to rent. Shopify will deduct this fee from your bound credit card every month. If the deduction cannot be made, your shop will be suspended.

Credit card fee: This is a handling fee charged by the credit card company and has nothing to do with the platform.

Transaction fee: If you use shopify payment, you don't need to pay this fee, but if you use other payment methods, you must pay the fee in accordance with the corresponding plan for each transaction.

Which Shopify plan is best to choose?

You may have questions: Which of these 3 Shopify plans is better? In fact, it depends on your niche market, the type of store, and the scale of your business.

If you are a novice entrepreneur, it is recommended to choose the Basic Shopify plan. For novices, this plan already has all the required functions, and the price is not expensive. Later, as your business grows, you can consider expanding to advanced plans.

Don’t worry about this little money. It’s not necessary. It’s all small money. Remember to spend time on the cutting edge, such as selecting products, such as website optimization, such as drainage, which is far more important than tangling a little money.

Is Shopify safe?

I just introduced some of the costs involved in Shopify. Many people may ask, is Shopify safe? It is necessary to bind various payment accounts and credit cards. Will this information be stolen?

What I want to say is, rest assured.

Just like other e-commerce platforms, there are so many users, and no one has ever worried about such problems. Now Shopify users also have 100W+. As a well-known e-commerce platform, security is the most basic guarantee, so there is no need to worry.

What are the characteristics of Shopify?

You have to pay a sum of money to Shopify every month, which is definitely worth the money. The following introduces its main features according to various functions of Shopify.

Sales model

Shopify provides a variety of sales models, including the following five types:

Online shop: Each user can create his own online shop, which is easy to operate and easy to manage.

Point Of Sale: If you want to open a physical store, you can also choose a shopify store. Shopify's POS system software and hardware are combined to make payment more convenient. Shopify's special POS machine uses high technology to ensure safety, wireless equipment, and easy to carry.

Integrate with e-commerce platforms: It can be combined with other e-commerce platforms for sales, such as Amazon and eBay.

Bind social media accounts: You can bind various social accounts on shopify as your marketing channels. For example, you can add Facebook, Instagram, Messenger.

Embed in any website: You can embed product information and purchase buttons on any website to make your sales everywhere.

In addition, you can also install shopify APP to manage shops and orders anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone.

Shop theme

A good theme is very important for online shops, and this is why shopify has more advantages than other platforms.

Shopify has a full-featured theme store——shopify Theme store. Generally speaking, the price of themes is between US$150~US$180 (one-time)


There are a huge number of themes, free and paid. And these themes are all customizable, you can create a store according to your own preferences

payment method

Language setting: 50 different languages can be set on the customer payment method page, and other languages can also be added.

Automatic calculation of freight: automatic calculation of freight according to different freight forwarders, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. You can also purchase and print shipping labels directly online

Shopping cart conversion order tool: If a customer adds your product to the shopping cart but does not place an order, you can send an email (offer discounts, etc.) to the customer to prompt the completion of the order.

Automatically calculate taxes and fees: Automatically calculate taxes and fees according to different regions, and then you can add this to the price.

Complete the payment on the current page: no additional payment interface is required, the operation is safer and more convenient.

Diversity of payment identities: Customers can choose different identities for payment, and they do not need to log in to the account to pay.

Customers can automatically calculate according to different regions, the payment interface, the operation is safe, and it is more convenient to automatically calculate the freight according to different freight forwarders. Later, you can send an email to the customer to prompt the completion of the order.

If the customer adds your product to the shopping cart and the order is not placed, you can later remind the customer by email to prompt the order to be placed.

Marketing & SEO

Provide the best SEO solution: Shopify follows the SEO best solution and has many features that are conducive to website SEO. For example, you can customize the H1 tag, and you can also set the product tag to describe the title and content.

Discount: You can customize discount rules and coupons. You can also set up gift cards in more advanced versions.

Email templates: Shopify provides special email templates for users to do email marketing.

Product reviews: Your shop can display various feedbacks from customers on your products and services.

Analysis tools: Shopify has built-in analysis tools, you can see all the information of the store, which product sells best, analysis of the degree of activity of the release, etc.

Bind social media accounts: It is very convenient to bind various social accounts, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc., and then combine these platforms for product promotion.

For example, the pictures you posted on Instagram can be accompanied by a link to your shopify product, and you can click on the picture to go to your product page. This is the most direct way to use Instagram for marketing.

Product management

Upload unlimited products: There is no limit on the number of products, and you can use shopify's inventory management software to manage.

Product diversity: different colors or sizes of the same product can be displayed as the same product.

Virtual electronic products: In addition to physical products, you can also sell virtual electronic products, such as software, games, and apps.

Batch import/export: manage all products in batch to improve work efficiency.

Stable website service

Unlimited broadband: The number of visitors to your website and the uploaded files or pictures are free.

Automatic website update: If there are new features or new versions, the website will automatically update.

99.99% of the normal operating time of the website: The website can operate normally even during the peak period of Internet access.

After-sales service and technical support

Shopify's after-sales service and technical support are also very powerful, with various service channels:

◎ Phone

◎ Real-time chat

◎ Email

If you have any questions, you can consult at any time. These are online 24/7. In addition, there are other channels that can help you solve the problems you encounter:

◎ Support template on Shopify homepage

◎ Help Center

◎ Forum

◎ Audio and video

◎ Shopify expert

◎ Articles and guides related to Shopify

I suggest you, if you really want to catch up with the peak season of the past few months, then you should spend some time doing shopify on-site optimization, and then spend more time on Facebook ads!

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