5 product categories worth paying attention to in 2021 Jun 24, 2021

In the field of e-commerce, it is important to find good products that are reliable and have long-term needs, and can settle down.

The following article is to say that if you have product development needs, or want to make a product, when you have no better ideas, perhaps the following five areas are worthy of your attention

Environmental protection products

Environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more popular in modern society. We have always paid special attention to environmentally friendly products. There are two main aspects.

On the one hand, it is due to climate change. Everyone is more concerned about the protection of nature.

On the other hand, everyone is more concerned about health and believes that environmental protection is a fashion

We use Google Trends to look at environmentally friendly products. As you can see, the demand is particularly high, indicating that the entire market recognizes such products.

Environmentally friendly products such as

o Biodegradable garbage bags

o Toothbrush

o coffee cup

o Shoes

Anything that is linked to environmental protection can become a selling point, what every consumer wants in daily necessities!

Example Allbirds

If you have known the brand of Allbirds (D2C mode), it has greatly integrated the elements of environmental protection, and focused on environmental protection, and achieved great success.

On the crowdfunding website at that time, several distinctive features of the shoes were listed:

1. The world's first pair of wool running shoes specially designed for non-sock wearing, soft and comfortable and strong enough, the wearing experience is unique.

2. It can absorb sweat, resist pollution, and the raw materials are renewable resources.

3. Suitable for running, jogging, walking and other sports.

4. Machine washable, directly throw into the washing machine to wash, the effect of washing out is as good as new.

Four years later, the company officially named "Allbirds" received US$50 million in Series C financing, and the cumulative financing amount exceeded US$77 million. According to related reports from Forbes, Allbird was valued at more than US$1 billion. The Daily concluded that its valuation was around US$1.4 billion.

Allbirds has two core series, developed and used three raw materials-New Zealand Merino wool, South African eucalyptus fiber and Brazilian sugar cane, focusing on low-carbon, environmentally friendly and renewable characteristics.

It is such an environmentally friendly shoe, which is almost a popular product in Silicon Valley.

CBD market

If you are concerned about e-cigarettes, then you must have known the CBD or Marijuana (marijuana) market. This product is in foreign countries, especially in North America. It has been a product that has grown significantly in the past two years.

Let's use Google Trends to see that the search volume, this search is also very good.

In the field of CBD, everyone really started from the same starting line.

This is an opportunity!

To do this market, you need to pay attention to two points:

Policy issues

The policies in the United States are different. For example, Canada is open to marijuana and has been legalized. But in the United States, every state has different laws and regulations. For example, San Francisco is completely static, and some other states have also opened up to cannabis.

So you have to study the laws and regulations of different states, as well as some payment methods. This market still has great potential.

Weight loss market

This is a big market, and as long as you can seize one of the small markets, you can make huge profits.

Let’s take a look at the search volume and growth of a market in the weight loss category of Google Trends in the past five years. As you can see, the demand is basically high.

For the weight loss market, fitness equipment is recommended.

This is a major trend at present. Fitness products have clearly broken out, especially during the epidemic, when the gym is closed, everyone wants to exercise at home.

Therefore, fitness equipment is actually in a state of growth.

Shaping clothing

In fact, shaping clothing is still a big health field.

If you often go to Instagram, you will find that there are actually a lot of celebrities who often show off their bodies and have a strong ability to carry goods.

In modern society, everyone pursues a perfect body, what kind of clothes can make their body look better, then such products will be welcomed by everyone.

At present, the popular shaping clothing is belly-controlling pants. These pants also have a high retail price, and there is still a good chance.

Handmade/Minimalist jewelry

Three labels, handmade, minimalist, and accessories. Let’s take a look at Google Trends first.

Creative handmade products, or new and exotic products, are all directions that can be considered. If you are an e-commerce company, you must know etsy. This website is dedicated to selling handmade creative products.

Relying on China's supply chain, suggestions can still be considered.


The market value of the jewelry market is about 278.5 billion US dollars, both in demand and in the market.


Take a look at the following Google trend and see the climb of the data in the past year. This data is so cool.

Because we know that the purely customized category, or the purely jewellery category, is actually very large, and it is difficult to stand out in the market without a clear concept.

But if our positioning is handmade minimalist jewelry, then this market will be more vertical, and the market needs and potential users are all there, you can consider this aspect.


Finding a good product is very important, but whether a product can be made, a good product is only the first step in a long march. There are also channel selection, traffic acquisition, and supply chain management. These are still the core of the core.

These products recommended today are for your reference. Some of the products in it are really good, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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