The dropshipping market is expected to grow at an exponential rate of 28.8 percent between the years 2019-2025. What has led to this increase is the rising interest of the modern consumer in online shopping and the increasing trend of cross-border e-commerce trading.

A few years ago only a handful of people used to be aware ofdropshipping fulfillment servicesand China dropshipping suppliers. However, the millions of profits generated by the dropshipping market have led to more people investing and showing interest in dropshipping and e-commerce business. What remains a challenge is to find the perfect product to sell which will attract more customers and help generate revenues.

Dropshipping business owners have been availingproduct sourcing servicesthrough third parties and agents to source and sell profitable products. They want to make sure that the product is problem-solving and trending.

Therefore in this article, we have resolved the issue of finding the perfect product to sell for dropshipping. We have conducted ample research and compiled a list of trending products from different niches that will guarantee profits.


The magnetic digital smart timer has become a viral product and has been trending on tik tok. The ad for this product has earnt two million views on tik tok. It is small, lightweight, and a problem solver.

According to an estimate, the magnetic digital smart time has generated 114.7k USD in revenues.

This handy timer is the most convenient gadget one could have. It has plenty of uses and can be used by anyone. For people who consider time, an asset this magnetic digital smart timer is a must-have.

It can be used by teachers to manage class time, fitness enthusiasts to keep a record of their workout time, and most importantly for a short period of nap time.

With multiple uses and amazing features just rotatable and adhesiveness, this is a must-have product. What are you waiting for start selling it now!


Are you tired of clogged drains and using ordinary button drain plugs? This water head leaking stopper is the tool you have been looking for.

For businesses who want to invest in less saturated and new products in the market, this is a go-to product.

The amazing features of this product make its marketing quite easy. It has an anti-clogging basket and a pop-up sink drain plug. Not at all heavyweight thus easy to ship.

This amazing product is extremely durable and strong. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and brass material.

Its water-resistant quality makes it safer and more long-lasting to be used in water.


Another trending product on Tik Tok is this collapsible silicone pizza container. Who doesn’t love pizza and who doesn’t want even a slice of it to go wasted? Well, we've got you the perfect and most pizza-friendly container to preserve those extra yummy slices in the fridge.

This pizza pack is a must-market product because it has a wow factor. Products with wow factors are the best to invest in because consumers go crazy about something that’s in trend.

Dropshipping stores have already made revenue of 139.3K USD through selling pizza packs and this is the best time to take your share as an investor.

The engagement rate of this product’s advertisement is still high.

Moreover, this product is being sold for 27USD whereas its estimated cost is just 12USD. Thus if marketed properly it can bring double the profit of its cost.


Kid’s has always been one of the most profitable niches in the dropshipping business. Hence we bring you a profitable product to market in your dropshipping stores i.e 360 flip alloy car.

This amazing 360 alloy car was just introduced on 13th August and within a few weeks has generated thousands of dollars of profits through dropshipping stores.

For dropshipping business owners who have kid’s toys niche stores, this is the best product to market.

Sales and profits are guaranteed and the best thing is that it’s not a seasonal product.


Who knew that getting fit was just a bath away? Well, now you do. This anti-cellulite firming soap is the best remedy to reduce those extra fats around your abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms.

Made with a hundred percent natural ingredients such as shea butter and calendula Officinalis this soap is a must-have.

Moreover, because of its anti-cellulite and firming properties, this soap has generated an estimated revenue of 43.1K  since August 13.


With kids going back to school this is the best time to invest in stationery products. Therefore this smart math roller is the best product to invest in right now.

This smart math roller is easy to handle and carry in stationery boxes. Easily rotatable to ten different types of counting methods. Supports addition and subtraction both.


For pet lovers who want to keep their pets happy and hydrated, this pet water bottle is a must-have. Among the top selling items on product sourcing sites, this product must sell the item to be listed on pet niche dropshipping stores.

Find a reliable product sourcing agent or a product fulfillment company to grab this product at an amazing cost and sell it like hot cakes.


For people who love reading at night but cannot switch on the lights because other people in the room are sleeping this small USB book lamp has solved all the problems.

Dropshippers can easily target book readers and literature enthusiasts to purchase this product.

It’s rechargeable, handle, and extremely convenient to use.


Minimalistic is the new trend of the town and this mini waffle maker is the best trendsetter. Not only for waffles it can also be used to make omelets and pancakes.

Portable and space friendly this is the cutest and most-productive addition to kitchen appliances.

For dropshipping store owners, this is the trendiest product to market right now.


Mini LED humidifier is the perfect source of fresh air and beautiful addition to the home, office, or any surrounding. The LED feature makes it more attractive to use. Smaller in size and beautiful in texture and appearance this product is trending on tik tok as well.

It is rechargeable and can be recharged by connecting it to a USB charger, a power bank, or even a laptop.

For dropshippers who want to invest in gadgets and minimalist products, this mini LED humidifier is the most suitable product.


This is the most comprehensive and trending list of products for dropshipping business owners to invest in right now.

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Top-notchdropshipping fulfillment servicesalong withproduct sourcing servicesmake Tesen an industry leader.

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