Every e-commerce business these days has the dream of operating at an international level. By serving customers across the world e-commerce business owners can not only increase their revenues but also gain brand recognition at a global level.

The only way to make this happen is through global fulfillment services. In this blog, we have researched how worldwide fulfillment services can bring tremendous advantages to e-commerce businesses.


Global fulfillment services refer to the availability of warehouses across the world to store and ship products worldwide. Global fulfillment services provide e-commerce businesses an opportunity to gain access to a network of warehouses across the world. Worldwide fulfillment services have erased the borders for e-commerce businesses. E-commerce businesses can now store and ship products anywhere in the world in the minimum possible time.

Global fulfillment services usually involve a massive amount of paperwork. Therefore it is advised for e-commerce business owners to use the services of third party logistics providers. According to recent predictions in 2022 alone, almost 22 percent of e-commerce sales are expected to travel to international borders. This can happen only through the implementation of worldwide fulfillment services.


A lot of stress has been laid to choose global fulfillment services to expand business reach at the global level and serve e-commerce customers worldwide. Yet the reasons have not been explained as to why should e-commerce businesses should opt for global fulfillment services.

Therefore let’s have a look at what are the advantages of choosing global fulfillment services for e-commerce businesses.

1. Fast and efficient shipping

Global fulfillment services just like fulfillment by Amazon provide warehouse storage, packaging, and shipping services across the world. Without these services certain issues such as increased transit time, customs and duties might increase the shipping time to target countries.

Consequently, products will take much longer to reach potential customers. Increased shipping times will cause a loss of customers. Therefore e-commerce businesses choose global fulfillment services.

Global fulfillment services provide Order fulfillment services worldwide. Products are stored in warehouses across the world. When an order of a particular product is received it is simply packaged and shipped from the warehouse which is located in the target country or the nearest located warehouse. This reduces the shipping time and makes the overall shipping process faster and more efficient.

2. Product packaging

If e-commerce business owners want to convert their customers into brand advocates and want to buy their loyalty then good packaging of products is the key. Nobody wants to receive their much-awaited products in typical old-fashioned brown boxes with duct tapes around which will take hours to un-box.

Customized packaging with coupons and discount cards inserted makes a huge impact on buying behavior and brand perception. Outsourcing fulfillment services to 3PL take the packaging burden from business owners' shoulders.

When global fulfillment services are outsourced customized packaging is part of the deal. Fulfillment companies provide careful customized packaging that benefits both the business owners and the customers.

3. Not geographically bound

Start-up e-commerce businesses are usually geographically bound. For a business to become global a lot of capital and experience are required. Therefore outsourcing order fulfillment services eliminates the hurdle of geographical limitations.

It doesn’t matter if a business is a start-up or not or if it has few or no warehouses. Companies providing global fulfillment services have a huge network of warehouses at various strategic locations. This provides the opportunity for e-commerce businesses to store and sell their products anywhere in the world.

4. Scale your business

As an e-commerce business gains popularity and more customers with more traffic it becomes difficult for them to manage the increased influx of orders. Sometimes the production might lack synchronization with other departments which might result in delayed orders and unsatisfied customers.

By outsourcing fulfillment through 3PL global fulfillment providers this issue is resolved. 3PL companies are mostly experienced and trained enough to carry out the fulfillment process more efficiently. Thus providing the opportunity to e-commerce businesses to scale their business at the global level that too smoothly and efficiently.

5. Free up space in your warehouse

Warehouses have limited space capacity and sometimes because of the heavy influx of inventory the space becomes insufficient. E-commerce business that is just start-ups usually stores their inventory in basements or garages.

Hence with global fulfillment services, businesses get the option of accessing several warehouses through their service providers. In this way inventory storage no longer remains their headache.


Not only extensive paperwork but a high amount of tariffs and duties can also increase the cost of global fulfillment services. Hence it can be extremely difficult to satisfy impatient customers waiting for their orders. For this purpose, it is better to outsource this process to trustworthy global fulfillment service providers such as Tesen fulfillment and dropshipping. Tesen fulfillment and dropshipping provide all services related to online order fulfillment such as:

Warehousing facilities and overseas order fulfillment services to serve international customers.

Picking the accurate products in batches through an automated order fulfillment service.

  • Checking the quality of products so that no damaged product is shipped to customers.
  • Provide labeling of products as per Amazon FBA standards.
  • Provide customized packaging of products as per the demands of the brand.
  • Provide shipping that is fast, efficient, and also cost-effective.


Global fulfillment is the international fulfillment of orders. Since it is difficult to manage order fulfillment at a global level hence it can be outsourced to third-party logistics. 3PL companies are experienced and through their network of warehouses across the world they provide fast and efficient global fulfillment services.

For e-commerce businesses who are new to the business or for businesses who cannot manage the heavy influx of orders, especially at the international level outsourcing global fulfillment services is the best solution.

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