How to select products for 2021 independent station? Jun 24, 2021

"Four principles of product selection: high profit, light weight, not fragile, non-hazardous."

There are two things you need to pay attention to before choosing a product.

1、When looking for new products, make sure you see more than the product itself

This may be a bit of a cliché. In the popular and best-selling market, fierce competition really exists. If you want to be successful, you need to choose products from some unique angles. So we must try to see through the products to see the potential of these product categories. Consider whether the product has new markets, new functions, and new usage scenarios.

2、Don’t abandon those small shopping malls or products with fewer varieties

Although small niche shopping malls will have much fewer potential customers than large-category shopping malls, the accuracy of the target audience and the smooth competition make up for this shortcoming. The smaller competition makes it easier for you to get a good position in Google search. In contrast, advertising costs will also be lower. Here, skip the independent station selection product, whether to do the vertical field or horizontal analysis of the grocery store first, and directly share it as the vertical field.


Choice of the main product

(1) The product must have a profit margin of 200%-300%. Many people say where to find such a highly profitable product. In fact, many people's product profitability is much higher than this.

(2) The price should be at least US$30, and the price should not be too low. If it is too low, you cannot use a satisfactory budget to carry out the preliminary advertising test. It is recommended that the young partners who are just starting to run can run a product with a price of 30-40 US dollars, do not choose the price is too high, which is a bit high for the advertisers in all aspects. So where can I find such products? There are many ways to choose products: AliExpress flash sale, facebook news, amazon best seller, eBay best seller, and so on.


Niche products

The niche market refers to a product in a segmented field and a vertical category. Foreign independent station sellers generally think that the price of products priced at 100-200 US dollars is a "sweet spot", because in this price range, there is enough profit, and at the same time, as long as your independent station shop is well designed, the information is complete, and it is huge Some buyers do not need to spend too much time to consider and will place an order. The shorter the time for customers to consider before placing an order, the better your stand-alone business will be. However, this price range is not absolute. Some explosive products are sold at slightly lower prices.


Looking for professional celebrities

If you are sure of the market you want to enter, then you can use a variety of tools to find leaders in your career. Following the right people on social media can bring you great ideas. There are many online tools that can help you find celebrities with specific careers online.


Choose consumables

Consumables mean that customers will repeat purchases, and the purchase frequency is high. If your product is a consumable and needs to be repurchased regularly, that's the best! It should be noted that there is no need to ensure that your independent station selection satisfies all the conditions. Generally, it is OK if you are satisfied with 2-3 conditions.


Instagram communication

Instagram not only has pictures of food and dogs, it also has some product ideas. Since everything here is based on pictures, it is very convenient and fast to find ideas.


Select products by keywords

Unpaid traffic from Google (also called "organic traffic") is a huge market channel. You can search for products or markets by finding the problems that users are looking for on search engines, and by their number and degree of competition. This method is relatively technical and requires a deeper understanding of keywords and SEO. This is a very useful method and strategy for obtaining stable organic traffic on Google. If you want to ship on behalf of you, then this strategy is perfect. Low profits make it difficult for such businesses to use paid advertising channels.


Pain points are selling points

If you want to get sales, it is always a good way to solve the pain points of customers. If the headache is not painful, then Tylenor is unnecessary. Of course, customers’ pain points are not necessarily physical, but can also be frustrating things or poor experiences.


Choose accessories for large products

This reason is obvious. Generally, the profit margin of a large product (such as a TV or a computer) is around 5%-10%, but the profit margin of their related accessories is as high as 100% or even 1000%. Why is this happening? Many people buy large items, such as TVs. They usually spend a long time doing surveys, comparing prices everywhere, and finally decide to buy a TV for $1,000. When buying a TV, you must buy an HDMI cable, the price is 30 US dollars, generally we put it in the shopping cart without any consideration. Choose a market where there are a lot of accessories, and customers are not so price-sensitive, and it is more suitable for independent station products.


Trend selling

Mainly trend-spot products, such as hot-selling products that sell well, or products that are increasing in sales, sellers can choose trend-following strategies. Generally, products with increasing sales are worthy of sellers to follow.


Visual sales

Through independent station selection, an important point is the visual value of the product. Friends who can play social media will find that some social media hotspots, or hot products on the platform, are generally interesting and high-value things. The independent station is still mainly selling explosive products, catching the trend of the society in time, and choosing suitable products, which is of great significance for a new enterprise.

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