Pinterest's new initiative promotes merchants to settle in! How can independent sellers use this platform to obtain huge amounts of traffic? Jun 24, 2021

Recently, in order to promote e-commerce sellers to stay on the platform, Pinterest has specially expanded the merchant tool suite for users to help e-commerce sellers of all sizes enter the platform. It has launched verified merchant programs in different regions, as well as store labels and product label functions.

The updated profile expands the functionality of store tags, and merchants can convert their store tags into storefront information, which includes categories, specialties, and store updates.
The updated product label function supports merchants to add labels on the product map, link products that can be purchased, and stimulate users to convert their immediate heartbeats into consumer behaviors. When users close the picture with the marked product, they will be able to see the product details.

As one of the well-known social media abroad, Pinterest provides sellers with an important source of traffic, and Pinterest is one of the largest sources of traffic on the Internet. At the same time, Pinterest users are also "wealthy." According to data from related websites, the average amount of each order of Pinterest is higher than that of any other social network. And Pinterest users also like shopping very much. 93% of users have been shopping in the past and they have always had a mindset to shop. Here we will introduce how to obtain Pinterest traffic.

Put a website link in your Pinterest profile
When establishing a drainage strategy, be careful not to overlook the obvious links. Every Pinterest business account comes with an introduction link. Although it looks inconspicuous, don't underestimate its role. Introduction is the easiest way for fans to quickly find your homepage.
After adding it in the background, people can click on your profile. When you edit your profile, take a moment to verify your website. Once Pinterest verifies, Pinterest will trust your website more. Building trust with Pinterest means that it will show home Pin to more users.

Regular Pin content
Although this may be a bit blunt, you still need a Pin that can link to your website to attract traffic. If you do not continue to post content on Pinterest, fans will not have a navigation to your website.
Some social network novices may think that once some content is released at a once-in-a-lifetime moment, a large number of users can be sent to the door. It’s not that simple. It takes effort to attract traffic from Pinterest, and more importantly, consistency.
Pinterest needs a long-term marketing strategy. Make continuous Pin content as part of your marketing efforts. Creating new content goes hand in hand with Pin. Every time a new blog is published, it is equivalent to creating an optimized Pinterest picture to share with others.
Also, don't forget that you can read the contents of Repin from time to time. For example, some people who have won the Tailwind Takeoff Award (award for users who have succeeded in marketing on Pinterest) often repost old content regularly to maintain a stable flow. They use the reminder function of the Tailwind blog to ensure that their reposting content has a long interval from before, so as to maintain visual interest.
Continuity is part of Pin's combat content. Another key point is Pin when there are many active users. In order to maximize the effect, Pin at the most appropriate moment. Of course, the best way to keep Pin is to use Pinterest’s planning tool, which allows you to schedule content to be published in a few minutes and automatically optimizes your plan so that you can be when your fans are most active. Pin.

Optimize your Pinterest feed to maximize traffic
In order to really get traffic from Pinterest, you must master some basic skills to achieve the best operation. Some of these techniques include the Smart Feed rules mentioned below. When Pinterest first introduced this new algorithm, many Pinners found that traffic plummeted.
As the saying goes, "When the tide is low, you will know who is swimming naked." So, then you know that cutting corners and implementing garbage strategies are the culprits of the decline in traffic.
In fact, the Smart Feed rules are not complicated. In fact, it's just a return to basic techniques. Including creating attractive vertical images, enriching descriptions with keywords, checking the quality of the links in Pin, Pin high-quality content, and maintaining the freshness of the content. When you follow the rules and do more in line with Pinterest's preferences, the more attention your Pin can get.
You must pay attention to the smart feed to ensure that you follow the best operating rules it proposes.

Add Rich Pins to your website
Just like its name, RichPins can bring useful traffic to your website. Although it may have the same components as the general Pin, it can bring additional information and create better participation. Depending on the type you create, Rich Pins are divided into prices, locations, recipes, and article introductions. It doesn't matter if you publish it yourself, or readers Pin articles directly from your website, it applies.
Rich Pins are more similar to likes and Repins. And as Pinterest introduces Smart Feed, Pinterest continues to create a customized experience for each individual user. So when you use this Rich Pins, you provide Pinterest with more information so that your Pin will appear in front of the users you want.
Countless brands quickly adopted the features of Rich Pins, including the fashion brand Sudara. Rich Pins are used in almost every product picture of Sudara. Check out their pajamas section and you will find that it is full of Rich Pins.
A common misconception about Rich Pins is that you must have a product to use it effectively. But this is not the case. In fact, there are six types of Rich Pins: App Pins, Location Pins, Article Pins, Product Pins, Recipe Pins, and Movie Pins. This diversity is also available to bloggers, online stores, and physical stores. Provides a variety of functions that can target your own industry.
For example, Mel’s Kitchen Café, the winner of the Tailwind Takeoff Award, wisely used the recipe Pin to attract hungry viewers to click on her website to get the recipe.

Use Promoted Pin to get traffic
A way to drive targeted traffic to your website without much effort.
Pinterest continues to increase its advertising options. Previously, Pinterest promoted Promoted Pin to the United Kingdom and was successful. It is expected that Pinterest will continue to promote to other countries.
Now you can choose from three different Pin ads: ad visibility, engagement, and traffic. As the name implies, these three types of advertisements can increase traffic, engagement and website traffic after choosing to purchase.
Through the use of advertising, you can choose some pins that perform well and promote these pins to highly targeted audiences. Choosing traffic ads can attract a large number of customers.
Unlike Facebook ads and Instagram sponsored blog posts, Promoted Pin can continue to attract traffic after the ad ends. Give your investment a precious rate of return on investment, we call this kind of traffic "downstream traffic." Because Pin can continue to attract traffic for a few years, a good Pin can keep you attracting highly targeted traffic for a long time.

Use analysis tools to separate the best performing Pins
Double investment can attract traffic Pin. The core of a marketing can be boiled down to testing, improvement and implementation. Evaluate which blog posts can bring the highest traffic to your website. Then experiment with different pictures to see if you can increase the exposure. Once you determine what is useful, double your investment.

★ Summarize
★ Each social media channel plays a different role in marketing. Instagram is to promote brand awareness, and Facebook is to develop participation, number of shares, number of likes and advertisements. Twitter prefers public chat. Pinterest is to attract traffic. If you have the ability to save articles and maintain the lifespan of these blog posts for a long time, you can reap the rewards in the long run.

Finally, pay attention to implementing these traffic-increasing techniques in your Pinterest marketing strategy, it can immediately bring you a lot of traffic.

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